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Organizing for a Healthy Life in 4 Acts

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Act 1: The Introduction

What does organization have to do with a healthy life? Well just grab a bag of chips (kale chips of course!), sit back and read on!

Organizing your life will lead to increased consistency in your habits. Increased consistency will lead to a healthy life. Sound fun? No? Oh, ok. Then let’s keep going.

Consistency - this has got to be one of the most boring words in history. Well, maybe not the word itself as it has a bit of a pleasant sound to it: con-SISSSSS-ten-cyyyyyyyyy. Nooice!

But let’s face it, the feeling of the word "consistency" might just put you to sleep if you weren’t in the middle of a fascinating blog post all about healthy living!

Truth Bomb #1: It is when your life is most chaotic that you hit the drive-through, grab that bag of (non-kale) chips at the gas station, or skip week after week of working out. Ammmirighhht y’all?

Truth Bomb #2: Consistency is BORRRINNNNGGG! And the last thing we want to be is bored.

Truth Bomb #3: You have to choose between being healthy and having fun. If consistency is boring but healthy, and chaos is fun but unhealthy, you are now in the precarious and unenviable position of choosing between healthy or fun. What to do?!

I think it is really worth taking a moment here and acknowledging this truth bomb I have just dropped. Consistency is boring but healthy. We don’t want to be bored. This result would lead us to believe that we don’t want to be healthy, but of course we DO!

My suggestion? Accept SOME level of boredom in your life. Just accept it. Do it now.

I’ll wait.


Still waiting.

Are you done? Did you groan and twist and complain like an insolent child who was just told to swallow that medicine? Or did you go through Kubler-Ross’s “5 Stages of Grief?” If you didn’t, you probably didn’t accept this fully. As a reminder, the 5 stages include Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

You need to acknowledge that being organized and being consistent takes a certain amount of acceptance of boredom. Perhaps boredom isn’t even the correct word. More of like a hum-drum type of feeling. You know that feeling you get when you start a task like doing your laundry or mowing the lawn? At first you resist it. You hate it. You don’t want to do it. But after you’ve done it for a few minutes you kind of just “accept it,” go back to feeling normal, and realize it’s not so bad? That’s what it’s like to accept that to be healthy, you have to get organized and apply a disciplined routine to your cooking and working out, similar to any other type of chore.

So now that you’ve overcome some psychological hurdles, let’s get to work!

There are three things I want you to organize to obtain this healthy lifestyle, and we will cover all of them in upcoming blog posts!

Act II - Organize Your Pantry

Act III - Organize Your Daily Routine

Act IV - Organize Your Weekly Routine

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for Act II: Organize Your Pantry.


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