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3 Ways to Organize your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

There are so many ways to be tempted into eating unhealthy foods - work parties with chips and cake, drive-thrus with burgers and shakes. Our home should be the one place where we can finally escape the temptations of unhealthy eating that bombard us constantly.

It's time to get real here.

What keeps you from eating healthy in your home?

I'll list a few things I think cause it:

1. Boredom: Mindlessly munching on chips/crackers/cookies because there is nothing else to do.

2. Tiredness: The idea of thinking of something to cook just seems exhausting.

3. Time: Maybe you're not bored or tired - you're just in a hurry and chips are pre-cooked!

Feeling too rushed to eat healthy? Read on!

Here are my solutions for these three problems.

1. Boredom: Never, ever allow unhealthy food in the house. Impossible? I used to think so, but try it for a week and see how it goes. Throw away any unhealthy food to start. Feeling wasteful if you throw unhealthy food away? Don't! It's just as wasteful to put it in your body because your body doesn't need it!


Partner isn't on board? Ask him/her to store their unhealthy food in a (possibly locked) location outside of the normal food storing area to keep it out of sight/out of mind. Get creative - a trunk in the bedroom, a box in the garage, just make sure it's far enough to keep from tempting you! One time my husband kept buying heavy cream for his coffee, but I kept adding sugar to it and eating it for a snack. I finally just asked him to either lock it up or stop buying it, because I couldn't seem to resist eating it up! I really meant it, and he wanted to keep his cream, so he put a lock on it, and it worked! Get creative, but get that unhealthy food away from your house if you can.

Don't bring it into your home!

2. Tiredness: Reorganize your pantry/food cabinets to allocate FIVE areas just for storing easy-to-make healthy meals for brainless cooking! Yes, I said brainless cooking. These five meals should be so easy to make that even when you're tired, you can walk like a zombie toward the cabinet and put your hands on one of those five meal sets and make yourself a healthy meal in less than 20 minutes.


Now here's the tricky part, as soon as you eat one of these five meals, you need to put it on your grocery list so you'll remember to buy that meal when you go to the store. You don't need to change these five meals unless you feel a need because this is not "get creative with food cooking" time! This is "just make something quick and easy so I can get to bed" time. That's why it's best if these are things you can cook easily without thinking.

Keep 5 Easy-to-Make Healthy Meals at all times!

3. Time: The solution to time is similar to the last problem in that planning ahead is needed. This time though, maybe there isn't time to cook a meal at all. This is why you need another designated area in your food pantry/cabinet for healthy snacks. There should also be an area in your refrigerator for healthy snacks. And as soon as that snack gets low, it's time to put it on your grocery list so you don't run out of healthy snacks so you don't have to resort to going to a fast food place.


Thinking you don't have time to clean out your cabinets/pantry/fridge to get it all organized? Then hire a professional organizer to help (Hey! That's what I Iove to do!).

Angela - Owner of Angela Marie Organizing in Knoxville, Tennessee

Thanks and I hope these ideas help you eat healthier at home!

Please join and leave me a comment if you like this post and add other ideas that might help others!


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