Frequently Asked Questions

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So How Does It Work Exactly?
I start with an initial consultation which will take approximately 30 minutes. I’ll ask you some questions about why you’re wanting or needing to get organized.  Are you or a family member trying to downsize to a smaller living space?  Are you expecting a new addition to the family and need more space in your home?  Are you wanting to eat a healthier diet and need to get your pantry and kitchen ready?  Is it finally time to get to park in your garage again? Or are you just tired of passing by that jam packed closet?

Once we've determined what you need, I will help create a plan with a timeline to accomplish our goal.  Some steps in the plan will require us to work together hand in hand while some steps might allow me to work alone.  During the process, I will evaluate the plan to ensure we are staying on track until we’ve accomplished the goals we initially set out to achieve.

How Long Does It Take?

Sometimes we can accomplish your organizing goals in one 3-hour session.  In other instances it may take multiple sessions depending on the size of the project or the space we're organizing.  Once we’ve formulated our organizing plan, I can give you my best estimate on how long it will take to complete the project. Please bear in mind there are many variables which can effect this estimate.

I have never hired an organizer, and I am still a little confused about why I wouldn't just do it all myself?

The easiest way to think of what I do is to think of a personal trainer. Many people know they need to exercise so why does anyone hire a personal trainer? Like a personal trainer, I make sure you accomplish a goal that has been "haunting you" for a while, and you are truly ready to get to the end of the project. You are really ready to downsize, pack or get your house tidy again, and you know that having a date set with an organizer will mean that it's time. It's time to finally get that goal accomplished to have your basement organized again or create a new system of organization that will help your kids know where to put their belongings when they return home from school. Hiring me means you are ready to really get it done. 

Will You Make Me Throw Away Things that I Want to Keep?
Nope! You make the final decision on every item!  It can be overwhelming to look at large amounts of items you've owned for many years, and figure out how to tackle it. I'll listen, suggest ideas, and then help you take action on your choices.

Does the Client Need to Be Present During a Work Session?
If the job requires making final decisions about whether to keep or discard an item, the client does need to be present.  If an area needs to be organized, packed or unpacked and no purging of items is necessary, I am more than happy to get it in tip-top shape without the client's presence, and I will give the client a tour when I am finished.  I want to make sure you know where all of your items are located.

To schedule your free consultation 

Angela Marie Organizing is not accepting new clients at this time due to COVID-19. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Current clients will continue to be served.

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